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Welcome to Our Theatre

What is VYT?

The Vandalia Youth Theatre Company produces three productions for PreK-12 students every summer:

 Pee Wee VYT (grades pre K-K)     Primary Cast (grades 1-4)     Junior Cast  (grades 5-8)      Senior Cast  (grades 9-12)

       Every child who auditions is cast in a show, regardless of ability or experience.  VYT’s central goal is to provide a positive learning experience for all cast members and families.  VYT provides over 100 hours of rehearsal and instruction time to develop skills that will be utilized on and off the stage. Also, because of our belief in the principle of inclusion, our students form friendships and bonds across district and community lines that they might not have been able to otherwise.

         VYT began in 1991 when a few parents and two creative staff decided to create a summer program for twenty local children with one production performed in a Vandalia church.  Today, VYT produces three separate productions for nearly 200 cast members from 12-15 school districts across the entire Miami Valley.  Our staff and volunteers include over 20 technical and creative staff, and a board of parents and local business people.

Why VYT?

Education and inclusion are fundamental to our mission. We believe that every young person has both the desire and capacity for excellence in their achievements.  Through our rehearsal processes, we aim to provide students with the opportunity to apply the social, intellectual, and emotional benefits of participation in performing arts, some of which include critical and conceptual thinking, peer collaboration, responsibility, accountability, commitment, respect, and trust.  We also aim to inspire and engage our students to build healthy relationships with each other through team building exercises and the process of putting together a full-scale production for which they can take pride and feel a sense of accomplishment.


  1. Allison Eder
    Allison Eder
    Primary Show Director
  2. Ashley Leasure
    Ashley Leasure
    Junior Show Director
  3. Michael Wadham
    Michael Wadham
    Senior Show Director
  4. Emily Kallenberg
    Emily Kallenberg
    Tinsel Talent Show Director
Board of Directors
Tim Bement
Chris Randolph
Joy Linder
Ann Jones
Denise Eder
Amy Fisher
Candy Brown
Chris Braun
Jason Gibson

Becky Herzog
Wendy Hull
Beth Poronsky
Matt Silver